NOT WITHOUT US in several language versions

Since many ECFA members seem eager to make efforts for refugee audiences NOT WITHOUT US might come as an interesting opportunity. This documentary (read about it in the last ECFA Journal) is now only available not only with English and French subtitles, but also with an Arabic and German voice over.
Through the ‘199 Little Heroes’ project, film makers Sigrid Klausmann and Walter Sittler aim to present one child from every country on the planet in short film portraits. Out of the first 15 portraits (meanwhile 27 episodes have been shot) the 90‘ feature documentary NOT WITHOUT US was compiled.

Sigrid Klausmann

German distributor FarbFilm first released the film commercially then non-commercially through a multitude of co-operations with schools, NGO’s etc. Now FarbFilm has the non-commercial rights for each individual episode of the project. This opens up opportunities, for example: over 100 German schools are running a ‘Fair Trade project’. FarbFilm invites the teachers to a cinema screening, and then to screen at school the episode about a girl from Ivory Coast. Alexander Geisselmann (FarbFilm): “This is the best possible tool to explain the concept of fair trade to children. Alphonsine works in a cacao orchard, but has never seen nor tasted chocolate. This is just one example of how feature film and single episode can reinforce each other. All single episodes have specific topics, situated in different countries, so here you got a whole box of wonder.”
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