NFLplus expands scope of Nordic Film Days

With NFLplus, the Nordic Film Days are expanding their traditional festival programme to include a year-round participation format for all children and young people in Lübeck. The brand new toolbox can help with that.



The Nordic Film Days want to strengthen young people’s general interest in cinema and celebrate a lively film and cinematic culture. The art of film should be made accessible in all its exciting and diverse facets, presented and communicated in an entertaining way. Therefore, NFLplus makes a constantly growing selection of films from previous festival programmes available. Teachers and educators can book free film screenings for their classes or groups in a direct way. In addition, there will be concrete suggestions for film education in the school context: accompanying media education material and a new kind of toolbox for preparation and follow-up. Started in 2022, there are now 32 films available.



The NFLplus toolbox is an invitation to actively work with film and cinema. It offers a selection of methods for experiencing the medium of film, regardless of school type or grade level, for preparation and following up a visit to the cinema. The methods were developed with the academic support of the University of Erfurt (by and with students of the Master’s programme “Children’s and Youth Media” together with Hanna Reifgerst, Young Audience programmer at the Nordic Film Days) and with the participation of teachers and educators from Lübeck.


There are currently 12 methods available for experiencing the medium of film, which can be filtered according to age, subject, required time or group size. The methods are supplemented by background information and recommendations on sensitive topics such as war, sexuality, addiction and drugs, loss etc. The toolkit will be continuously developed in dialogue with teachers.


The NFKplus website, including a link to the toolbox, is only available in German.