Honorary Award for Danckert Monrad-Krohn (Kristiansand)

The Filmklubbprisen is an honorary award presented by The Norwegian Federation of Film Societies, and given to someone who has made an extraordinary effort for film culture. Like Danckert Monrad-Krohn, moving spirit of the Kristiansand Children’s Film Festival.


Film clubs were the places where my interest in films caught fire, in Oslo, Bergen and Kristiansand, and eventually in children’s film clubs”, said Danckert Monrad-Krohn at the opening of the Kristiansand Int’l Children’s Film Festival. “Film clubs engage and inspire, and bring the art of film to children, young people and adults.

The children’s film festival is being held for the 26th time this year, and Danckert Monrad-Krohn has been part of the festival since the beginning. This long-time engagement was praised in the jury statement: “Danckert has helped shape how children and young people in Norway watch films. Both by ensuring great access to a wide variety of children’s films, and by helping build arenas where they can meet and watch film together. He made sure also children and young adults got their own meeting spaces for watching films. In these spaces, their film tastes and their experience with film as art, got the respect it deserved. He has been a fierce advocate for film culture, film societies and cinematheques, both in Kristiansand as on a national Norwegian scale.”


ECFA congratulates Danckert Monrad-Krohn with his award and with his great achievements in the Norwegian children’s film scene.