New ECFA member The Netherlands Film Fund relaunches Cinema Junior

The development, production and distribution of Dutch children’s and family films is a priority for The Netherlands Film Fund.

Over the past decades Dutch films for a young audience have developed as a strong brand and enticed large audiences to theatres. Dutch films for young people are equally well received by international audiences and often recognised for their high quality and their serious take on children’s perspectives. Adaptations from (famous) children’s books have been proven a successful recipe, but films based on original scripts often have more difficulties finding an audience. That is why The Netherlands Film Fund now relaunches the bi-annual ‘Cinema Junior’ project for youth films, based on originals scripts in co-operation with Dutch Public Broadcasters NTR, VPRO and the CoBO Fund. A list with pre-selected projects has already been published. In former years Cinema Junior was the basis for wonderful titles such as BONKERS (2005), FROGS & TOADS (2009), THE INDIAN (2009), KAUWBOY (2012) and FIDGETY BRAM (2012).

Representing Dutch industry at Cinekid Festival © Jessica Dreu
The Fund’s commitment towards children & youth films includes exchanging knowledge and building transnational networks. As well on an national and international level, it is a necessity to improve quality and raise awareness for such films. Signe Zeilich-Jensen: “ECFA offers a great platform to meet other professionals and European organisations with a strong concern about young (European) audiences. Together we’ll always be stronger!”

Representing Dutch industry at Cinema in Sneakers Festival © Sławek Haratym, Cinema in Sneakers
That’s why The Netherlands Film Fund signed up as an ECFA member. The Film Fund is the national agency responsible for supporting film production and film related activities in The Netherlands. Its focus is to develop and strengthen Dutch cinema and film culture both domestically and internationally. The Film Fund offers various selective support schemes on production and distribution for minority Dutch co-productions. It also runs the Film Production Incentive offering a cash rebate up to 35% on production costs spent in The Netherlands.

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