New ECFA Member: KinoOstrov

Home of the Russian Children Cinema Academy ‘KinoOstrov’ is Saint Petersburg – the place where every creative talent can realise its potential. And that is exactly the goal of KinoOstrov: creating positive conditions for new talents. These talents are young and inexperienced, they look at the world so differently, and that’s great because cinema is exactly about new visions, new perceptions.

Over the course of one year children at KinoOstrov study various disciplines: directing, acting, dramaturgy, make-up, camera work and stunt skills. Learning theory through practice, that’s why filmmaking is involved in the process from the first minutes of every session onwards. We launched a summer cinema camp where they shoot movies and watch the result on the big screen. Our students meet with Russian cinema professionals like Andrey Zvyagintsev, Anastasia Melnikova, Ivan Krasko or Dmitry Barkov, who often stated that “these kids can inspire the world”. On our Youtube channel our movies collect countless hits.

For the team, the most wonderful thing about KinoOstrov, is to see those children growing up. KinoOstrov is not only about cinema, it’s about life. And about seeing students finding their place in the world.

The Russian Children Cinema Academy is for nine years already, in constant search for new ways of development. Anna Savchuk: “That’s why we are enormously happy to become part of an organisation such as ECFA. We do see a unique opportunity for sharing, exchanging experiences with foreign colleagues, who are interested in the development of children’s cinema as strongly as we are. Working together, we can grow a new generation, that can make our world a better place.”

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