FLICK (Film Literacy InCubator Klub) is a new film education project, developed by Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique, Deutsches Filminstitut, EYE Filmmuseum, Les enfants de cinema and ACE-Association of European Cinémathèques. The aim of FLICK is to build a platform (Klub) where different types of stakeholders involved in film education and audience development can work jointly, in order to increase the awareness of the importance of film education in the digital era, and study options to link European film heritage to education.

In 2018, the FLICK group will organise four international conferences and one round table:
* In Bologna (March 26th, in the frame of the Int. Children’s Book Fair) the best practices of apps and digital platforms for art and film education will be presented in a morning conference. Flick will award a special mention to the best products (both printed and digital) about cinema, presented at the fair. The afternoon session in Cineteca will focus on tools to promote European film heritage in schools.

* In Brussels (April 26-27th at the Cinematek) the conference ‘Structures for Film Education Outreach: Training Trainers’ will tackle new paradigms for film education and challenges for teachers how to make European cinema attractive for young audiences.

* In Bologna (June 28th, during the Cinema Ritrovato Festival) a round table is co-organised by Cineteca di Bologna (Flick Project) and Institut Francaise (CINED Project).

* In Frankfurt, the Lucas Film Festival (September) will host an open reflection session about how teachers actually use these tools and what they think is missing in the current film education landscape.

* In Amsterdam, the Cinekid Seminar (October) will aim at policymakers in the international culture and education sector, discussing a campaign on what we think should be the place of film in the education, art and culture debate at a European level.

FLICK is co-financed by Creative Europe 2017. As a follow up of the ABCinema project (with the same partners) the website www.abcinemaproject.eu in the upcoming weeks will be re-designed as FLICK’s web platform.
Contact: Enrica Serrani, enrica.serrani@cineteca.bologna.it, and ECFA board member Elisa Giovanelli. All contact info on www.abcinemaproject.eu/contacts.