A new Horizon research project

The REBOOT project – Reviving, Boosting, Optimising and Transforming European Film Competitiveness, is a new Horizon research project launched in summer 2023, focusing on empowering European film competitiveness and national policies. Headed by the University of Vienna in partnership with 11 universities (9 EU and 3 non-Eu countries), the project aims to connect the existing strengths, to identify and overcome weaknesses and plan for future competitiveness in the fields of film policy, practice and experience, towards providing a full set of knowledge of the European film industry.

REBOOT project has 5 Dimensions that are all related to ECFA’s interests in networking and empowerment of development of European children cinema worldwide :

  • Increasing support for young people’s engagement with European Film
  • Strengthening the place of the EU in the global audiovisual economy
  • Supporting cultural diversity in the EU film industry
  • Addressing the need for a different understanding of competitiveness

The outcome of the 5 dimensions will be compiled in 2025 into institutional country reports with policy recommendations across the EU Member States with evidence-based data through desk research, policy analysis and expert interviews, to further assist with planning for European film success across the supply chain.

Introduced by Irene Andriopoulou