LUCAS dokt! class documents their festival

The LUCAS dokt! project invited young people to document the 41st edition of the LUCAS – Int. Festival for Young Film Lovers in Frankfurt, Germany. Mentored by photography artist and film educator Urs Tilmann Daun, students got to know the production process of a film and implemented it in various steps into their own work.

To firmly anchor film education in the context of the LUCAS Festival, the team is working with children and young people on projects that help shape the festival year-round. An intense involvement with the LUCAS program before, during and after the festival forms the basis of this participatory approach, through which young film fans develop their own view of the world.

Students are currently working on their short documentaries about last year’s festival edition. Within the LUCAS dokt! project, they were responsible for the shooting plan, the recording, the cinematography, and the editing. They made all the decisions about form and content. Besides practical insight into the world of professional cinema, this was also a training in managing limited time and resources and in artistically responsible decision-making.

The youngsters were prepared for their task through workshops and meetings with film professionals and festival guests, including several international directors.

The LUCAS dokt! reports will soon be available online.
Watch the LUCAS dokt! teaser here.
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