Last ECFA Awards of the year in Poznan & Pyrgos


The last ECFA Juries of the year added some interesting titles to ECFA’s list of nominated films.

At the Ale Kino! Young Audience Festival in Poznan (Poland) the ECFA Jury award went to NEXT DOOR SPY. In this Danish animation by Karla von Bengtson, ten-year-old Agathe Christine dreams of becoming a detective. She sinks her teeth into her first case: the biscuits that continuously disappear from a local shop.


The jury at the Olympia Film Festival in Pyrgos (Greece) voted the Czech-Slovak co-production LITTLE HARBOUR by Iveta Grófová. The film tells about little Jarka, who’s desire for love and a fully functional family are so strong that she’ll create a world of her own, hiding in a garden shed.

The ECFA Doc nomination at the Olympia Festival went to KAYAYO – THE LIVING SHOPPING BASKETS by Mari Bakke Riise (Norway), about girls working in Ghana as ‘real life shopping baskets’, earning little money for carrying heavy loads on their heads. Bamunu is one of them. She hasn’t seen her family since she was sent away to work, two years ago.

– The Ale Kino ECFA Jury were Elisa Giovannelli (Cineteca di Bologna), Marketa Pasmova (Zlin Festival) and Mateusz Mozdzen (New Horizons Association).
– The Olympia ECFA Jury were Ekaterina Bordacheva (Russian Film Market), Michael Harbauer (Schlingel Festival) and Nienke Poelsma (Cinekid).
– The Olympia ECFA Doc Jury were Rowena Martinez Ulayan Tuzcuoğlu (Universal Kids Film Festival), Gudrun Sommer (doxs!) and Petra Vidmar (Gustav Film).