KOYAA in festival-friendly format

Koyaa, a good-natured chap in alpine garments has travelled the festivals intensively with single episodes from the TV-series that bears his name. With six new episodes completed, producer ZVVIKS is prepared to deliver a straight forward KOYAA compilation, which might fit into festivals to serve their very youngest audience.

Koyaa lives on a rocky ledge high above the clouds, away from the urban hustle. He stumbles into comical adventures with everyday objects coming to life, acting all sorts of wacky. While Koyaa tries to get things back in order, his friend the wise Raven is patiently crafting birdhouses.

The six new episodes recently premiered as a compilation in Slovenian cinemas and there are now 14 episodes in total. Tested intensively in festivals, the very young audience seems to simply love Koyaa and finds his stories irresistibly funny, as he cheerfully emphasises the value of creativity and independent thinking.

Watch the new trailer.


KOYAA meanwhile also entered the digital world with a mobile game, in which children can interact with the main character in five different adventures.


Contact: ZVVIKS, 00386 40 437 696, info@zvviks.net, www.zvviks.net.