Film – A language without borders report is online

‘Film – A Language Without Borders’ is a cross-European project organised by the Danish and British Film Institute and Vision Kino (Germany), supported by the Creative Europe programme. The project report is now available online.

Charlotte Giese (DFI): “This project contains a series of films (8 new titles and 3 classics), a research report and study guides on ‘the use of film in a migration society’. Films shown in schools can help refugees and migrants to orient themselves in our society. And they encourage other children to better understand – or even with – the position of the newcomers. Film can enable young people to share, discuss and exchange understandings of different societies and cultures.” (quoting from the ECFA Journal in which the project was presented).

Ever since the project has been operative, everybody has been looking forward to a project report. That can now be found on the websites of all partners. Charlotte Giese: “In our research we have worked with interviews and observations of young participants, and questionnaires for teachers. We thought that was preferable above simply counting numbers of children in the theatres.

And there’s more to find online: study guides with each individual film in different languages and a general study on ‘Film in Migration Classrooms’. Benefitting from the long experience in film education of all partners involved, this project sets new standards for working with migrant and refugee children, which is an ambition often expressed by many organisations.


Read more about the project here.