In 2019 the South African movie KINGS OF MULBERRY STREET by Judy Naidoo was blowing like a fresh wind through the European festival circuit, offering a charming combination of Bollywood extravaganza, sparkling humour and an empowering narrative. Now the same team bundled forces for KINGS OF MULBERRY STREET: LET LOVE REIGN, available on Netflix.



Judy Naidoo: “The first film doing so well at the international festivals played a huge part in getting us on the Netflix radar.” The new title marks not only the return of good old friends Ticky and Baboo, but also of the feisty Granny Chetty, who is abducted by an evil ex-cop. The two boys set out on a wild rescue mission, that includes a stolen necklace, a “Bollywood Show extravaganza” and plenty of dressing up in zany costumes that will sparkle glitters all over your screen. Ticky and Baboo might have grown up a bit, but didn’t lose any of their loveable energy while teaming up with a bunch of unexpected partners.

Naidoo: “The film reminds one of the old fashion matinee features, filled with nostalgia, funny Durban quips, and poignant moments.  Set in 1993, just before South Africa’s first democratic elections, the film tells the story of Baboo and Ticky four years later. Now 12 years old, the boys are firmly best friends and share an unbreakable bond.”


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