Kids Kino Lab 2019/20 Took Off

Kids Kino Lab, previously named Kids Film.Pro, is an international development programme for young audience film projects and TV series. It is dedicated to script writers and producers who are interested in developing their project from a concept to a highly advanced script stage with initial production assumptions. This is Kids Kino Lab’s 4th edition and the first one that goes international.


Instigated by the New Horizons Association (Warsaw), partners in this project are the Ale Kino! Festival (Poznan, Poland),  the Athens Int. Children’s Film Festival (Greece) and the Zlin Int. Film Festival (Czech Republic). The programme is supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA programme and the Polish Film Institute.


12 teams (4 series and 8 feature films) were selected to the workshop program and divided into 3 groups. Here you can find all the projects listed. Each team includes a scriptwriter and a producer, working together during the sessions with four tutors.


Project coordinator Zosia Horszczaruk (New Horizons): “Each session lasts approximately 6 days and consists of different elements. The focus is on the group work, participants and tutors all together. It is like a think tank, exchanging ideas and concerns about every project. With tutors and guest speakers addressing the participants, this is the moment for learning about script structure, character design, production, sales, marketing, negotiating contracts, how to deal with distributors, broadcasters and sales agents, etc. There are also slots for individual meetings with tutors.” Script tutors in this edition are Kirsten Bonen Rask, Philip LaZebnik (photo), Armin Prediger and Ronald Krushchak, who is leading the producers.


Throughout the project Kids Kino Lab participants will set foot on land in Athens (February), Zlin (June) and Warsaw (September), but the first session has already taken place in Poznan, in November. Participants pitched their ideas in front of the group and began to structure ideas, define characters and clear their stories. Some already started working on the first draft of a script. Philip LaZebnik had his masterclass on sequence structures, guest speaker Jean-Baptiste Wery (Sales & Distribution company Dandaloo) held a lecture on selling series on the international market. Armin Prediger held a masterclass on building characters and developing relations between them. Zosia Horszczaruk: “What an amazing group! On this year’s journey we took a great start and from the first reactions I can sense that participants feel the same.

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