Hungarian Children’s Film Academy is new ECFA member

The Children’s Film Academy ( is a Budapest based institution dealing with production, education and distribution of children’s film. ‘Gyufa’ was founded by Hungarian film director Nóra Lakos in 2013, gathering a team of young filmmakers working in the framework of the Academy on various tasks:

Education: Gyufa organises film workshops for children from 8-18 years old. Working with small, mobile cameras on live action films and animations, Gyufa encourages a young generation to use mobile phones as creative tools for creating art. A yearly mini-festival is showcasing the films generated from this year-round workshop.

Film production: Gyufa produces content for children and youth in Hungary for TV (Comedy Central, Cartoon Network) and online platforms. These films deal with children’s rights, opinion-forming and educational issues.

Festival: Gyufa is about to launch the first edition of the Budapest International Children’s Film Festival ( in January 2018, that will present films for children aged 4–14 years. On this occasion a script development workshop for children’s films will be organised, where Gyufa is hoping to welcome many European scriptwriters and their projects.

Now Gyufa has joined ECFA, hoping to get in touch with international partners for the festival, the script development workshop and the various educational programmes.
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