First Russian ECFA Award goes to IT’S NOT FOREVER

The first ECFA Award given in 2019 was also the first ECFA Award ever given out in Russia. In the Spirit Of Fire Festival in Khanty-Mansiysk the award went to the Russian film IT’S NOT FOREVER (original title: ETO NE NAVSEGDA) by Evgenia Jatskina and Alena Rubinstein.

IT’S NOT FOREVER, a story about children living in a Russian orphanage, waiting to prove how they have plenty of love to share with the world. But for some of them, the waiting has been just too long. Still they believe one day they’ll have the right to use the word “mum”, just like all other kids do.

The ECFA Jury were Jaroslava Hynstova (Zlin Film Festival, Czech Republic), Jerzy Moszkovics (AleKino, Poland) and Dimitris Spyrou (Olympia Festival, Greece).