Fest of Fests network to be launched

Fest of Fests is a cultural network funded by the Region of Attica, Greece, and implemented by the Athens-based Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. Aspiring to involve all influential international children and youth film networks, festivals and educational organisations as well as the academic world, the aim of Fest of Fests is to become a community of practice, collaboration of innovative ideas, supporting the formation of ‘screenwise viewers’ through existing pathways regarding media literacy.

The Fest of Fests Launching Forum in Athens, set for June 25-28, brings together 60 festival directors, educators and experts to explore current trends in educating young audiences.

Find the complete Fest of Fests programme here.

Screenwiser Open Online Platform

Screenwiser, launched in early June 2018, is a third platform system, developed by AIT (Athens Information Technology) a non-profit research institute. Screenwiser facilitates crowdsourcing, development of ideas, matchmaking between experts and the creation of synergies and partnerships for evolving concepts into new and innovative projects.

As a forum for exchange among relevant stakeholders, Screenwiser is also envisaged as providing a cultural indicator for measuring national and international levels of media literacy, as well as reporting on audience-centric initiatives and education. Join our community!

On a global scale, there is no unanimous film literacy policy, instead it is rather sensitive to cultural differences, as different variables apply to each country and region. However, this scattered map of film education was the driving force behind Fest of Fests, with a view to establish a film literacy policy and framework that will be future-proof and act as a protectionist umbrella for all youth film activities worldwide. Our aspiration is to become a global point of reference, an intelligence centre that will inspire future collaborations and networking,” says Irene Andriopoulou, researcher at the National Center for Audiovisual Media & Communication and UNESCO consultant.