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Original Children’s / Young People’s Film Festival

Cinema in Sneakers Film Festival for Kids and Youth / Kino w Trampkach

Warsaw, Poland
24/05/2023 - 04/06/2023 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Rhythm: annual, next Festival afterwards (probably): May/June 2024

Original Children's Film Festival
Director/s: Agnieszka Drzewiecka-Proti?, Anna Stadnik
Deadline for film entries: 16/12/2022 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Programs: Features, Shorts, Animations, Documentaries
Number of films (app.): 100
Number of spectators (app.): 25000
Average number of journalists: 30
Festival's guests: Distributors, Directors, Producers, Actors, Others
Festival's recognition: international
Media coverage: national
Special Events: Kids Media Lab exhibition, Cinema in Sneakers Naturally! section, Animation Day section, Best of the Season.
Notes/description: Kino w Trampkach [Cinema in Sneakers] – a fresh and buzzing project – is organised by Cinemania Foundation. It started off in 2013 with big hopes and enthusiasm that only crazy, uncontrollable film buffs have. The idea to create a film festival for kids was influenced by Janusz Korczak’s credo : “There are no children as such – only people; but people with different experiences, different drives and different reactions.” And these people have the right to watch a wide array of films: about varied cultures, problems, made with diverse styles, but made with respect to kids.

This festival is a member of ECFA

Fundacia Cinemania
ul. Nowolipki 9B
00 151 Warsaw

Phone: ++48 660 499 626
Internet: www.kinowtrampkach.pl