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Year of Production 2019

Foxter & Max

English title: Foxter & Max
Original title: Foxter & Max
German title: Foxter & Max
Ukraine, 2019

Director: Mateshko, Anatoliy
Production company: Pronto Film
Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Length: 80 min.
Film genre: Feature film

The twelve-year-old schoolboy Max escapes from the house and hides under the bridge. There he finds a spray can of nano-paints, and draw a graffiti of a dog. Unexpectedly painted graffiti comes alive and turns into dog-nanorobot with super powers. And now both of them are hunted by a dangerous criminal who will not stop at anything in order to seize this powerful technology. Guy Max falls into a whirlpool of adventure, through which he finds true friends.

Website: issuu.com/prontofilm/docs/foxter___max

World sales address/es:
Pronto Film (UA)

Sold to:
Film.ua Group (UA)