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Year of Production 2019

Reconstructing Utøya

English title: Reconstructing Utøya
Original title: Rekonstruktion Utøya
German title: Rekonstruktion Utøya
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, 2019

Director: Javér, Carl
Production company: Vilda Bomben Film AB
Co-producers: Polarfox AS, FilmCamp AS, Made in Copenhagen
Length: 98 min.
Film genre: Documentary

Through a series of reconstructions, five survivors from the Utøya terror attacks explain what happened to them and how they survived. A group of young adults are on hand to help them re-enact this experience. The film also captures life outside the studio walls, revealing how the relationship between the survivors, the actors and the film team develops.

Nominated for the Gulbagge Award 2019, Berlin Generation 2019, Kristiansand CFF 2019

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