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Year of Production 2019

11 Children from Morshyn

English title: 11 Children from Morshyn
Original title: 11 ditey z Morshyna
German title: 11 Children from Morshyn
Ukraine, 2019

Director: Nepytaliuk, Arkadiy
Production company: Solar Media Entertainment
Length: 85 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Everyone knows that Morshyn was founded at the place where a meteorite fell, which is rich in a rare metal – osmium. Hoping to make easy money, worker Snizhana decides to fool everyone and get her hands on a valuable object. This alone wouldn’t be a problem, if only 11 kids from Morshyn didn’t appear on her way. Having joined together for one mutual goal, they start a fight with injustice.


Dytiatko CFF Charkow 2019

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Solar Media Entertainment (UA)