Brand new ECFA member Ekaterina Bordacheva’s ambitions are doubled: assuring ECFA has a good representation in Russia and meanwhile trying to convince Russian film professionals that children’s films are worth investing money and passion. Therefore, an ECFA delegation is invited to address industry representatives (producers, directors, investors…) during a Business Forum (24 & 25 August) during the ‘Bridge of Arts’ International Motivational Film Festival.

Rostov-on-Don, on the Black Sea coast, is the home of the Bridge of Arts Festival with anchor points in regional cities like Azov, Taganrog and Starocherkasskaya. This ‘multi-platform festival’ combines film selections with a sports forum, a business platform and builds bridges with the art scene through concerts and show programmes for festival visitors and local residents.

The ace up the Bridge of Arts’ sleeve is its concept of maximum transparency. Festival guests are forced out of their ‘high status’ comfort zone and called upon as individuals with motivational power, instigators of a process of change. By sharing their stories, their successes, their goals and achievements they might inspire others. Just like ECFA’s success story should inspire Russian film professionals to invest more energy in youth cinema.
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