ECFA teams up with CEE for Animation Masterclass

CEE Animation Experience is a strong brand in online masterclasses about “all things animation”. For their new webinar, forces were joined with ECFA for a masterclass on “Growing Up with Animation: How It Shapes and Connects Generations” on 27 April. An event not to be missed!



Date: 27.4.23 10:00-11:00, followed by Q&A

Panelists: Linda Hambäck (Director, Sweden), Maciej Jakubczyjk (Distributor, Poland), Reka Temple (Producer, Hungary), Zuzana Bahulova (Zlin Festival Programmer, Czech Republic); Moderator: Gert Hermans (Belgium).


Join our panel discussion on animation for young audiences. If children are so fond of animation, then why should we lose our grip on that audience when they grow up? What should animation produced for teenagers look like? Does the family audience really exist or is it only if an extra layer for adults is added? All panelists have a background in young audience content. Together with the audience, they will search for an answer to one of the biggest clichés in the world of cinema: “Animation is only for children”. Don’t miss out on this lively and informative masterclass!

More info about speakers and content.