Christel Strobel honoured with Federal Cross

On 6th March Christel Strobel received the Bundesverdienstkreuz (Federal Cross of Honour) for her “outstanding commitment for quality films for children in Germany”.





By founding the Children’s Kino Munich in 1979, Christel and her husband Hans Strobel dedicated themselves to a genre often neglected, and passed on their passion to a younger generation. This commitment went beyond the ideological and political obstacles back then, and in 1983 led to a separate children’s film section in the Munich Filmfest, curated for 20 years by Christel and Hans Strobel. These activities have profoundly contributed to the current dynamic and positive climate for children’s film in Germany. Christel Strobel: “When I heard about this honour, my first thoughts went to my late husband Hans and to how it all started. I can accept this honour in my own name, but I also see it as a tribute to his legacy.