Danish Film Institute in Palestine

Three years ago, the Danish Film Institute and Aarhus Film Workshop helped formulate a strategy for the establishment of Palestine’s film workshop in Ramallah. Now, FilmLab: Palestine is a reality. The goal of the workshop, initiated in part with Danish support and consultancy, is to contribute to developing a Palestinian film culture and industry, with a guarantee that children & youth audiences will not be overlooked in this great initiative. Read more here.

Portland Kids’ Film Festival’s second edition

The 2nd Annual Portland Kids’ Film Festival will be held on 4 & 5 February in Portland, Oregon (USA) at the historic Hollywood Theatre. The festival, a member of ECFA, will feature six different programs for children aged 3 – 16 and is thrilled to have a panel of local filmmakers and animators available to answer questions from the audience. For the young children the festival is proud to be a part of the Best of the Fest Tour from NYICFF and the YEC Tour #4.
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Les Films Du Preau booms in French theaters

 Distributor Les Films du Preau is currently booming on the French children’s film market. With two consecutive successful releases (STICK MAN and GET SANTA) they’re proving the market still has room for European quality animation. 200 000 additions is a huge number for an animation compilation!
Marie Bourillon (Les Films du Preau): “STICK MAN is a Magic Light Picture production. Their films have a typical style, easy to recognise, which we strongly emphasised after THE GRUFFALO’s success. We facilitated cinemas with options to organise an ‘event screening’ and of course there is the impact of the books.”
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ECFA’s Annual General Meeting in Berlin

ECFA organises its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 11 February at 16.00 in the Vertretung des Freistaates Sachsen beim Bund, Brüderstraße 11, approximately 15 minutes walk from Potsdamer Platz.
After the AGM there will be food, drinks and opportunities to mingle at the ECFA Award Ceremony during the ‘Treffen der Kinderfilmszene’. ECFA members have received their invitation by email. Due to the Berlinale’s security policy this party can only be attended after registration on the ECFA guest list; control will be maintained by a security team. So don’t forget to register and join us at the ECFA party!

MICE on 7 locations

MICE In and around Valencia MICE will soon celebrate its 5th edition (19-26 February). What began as a toss-up, a humble way to share the work of the ‘Jordi El Mussol’ Association with friends from around the world, in 2017 it has become a leading event with a fast growing circle of influence. This interdisciplinary project is crossing borders and aspires to become a constant factor in its work field. Continue reading “MICE on 7 locations”

New Spokesperson at VANIMA

Creative Film studio VANIMA, based in Varaždin, Croatia, focuses on working with children and youth on animated movies and with organising VAFI – Int. Children & Youth Animation Film Festival. Within ECFA, for the last two years, VANIMA was represented by Sandra Malenica. Continue reading “New Spokesperson at VANIMA”