Kiki at the Women’s Film Festival


All Kiki the canary has ever known is his little cage and the old lady who feeds him. He dreams of being outside, twirling with the free birds. When finally the door of the cage remains ajar, Kiki discovers the great outdoors in which he must know how to fly. Being a free bird might be a bit scary after all.


The French animation KIKI LA PLUME (KIKI THE FEATHER, Julie Rembauville & Nicolas Bianco-Levrin) was the winner of the Young Audience Competition in the Women’s Film Festival in Cologne and Dortmund. The jury were Gudrun Sommer (Germany), Juliette Klinke (Switzerland) and Gert Hermans (Belgium).


Maxa Zoller, head of the festival, came with a positive evaluation: “This festival was pure power. When top-class guests meet a hungry audience, the energy in the room rises and wonderful encounters take place. After two pandemic years, this edition for us will be unforgettable.”