Candidates wanted for Workshop Warehouse!

It will be Europe’s largest supermarket! Not for shopping films or groceries, but for shopping workshops. It’s new, it’s DIY, it’s something else… Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Workshop Warehouse!




Besides festivals (for seeing films), markets (for acquiring films), and seminars (for discussing films theoretically) ECFA has a dream to cherish: a place where media education field workers can participate in each other’s workshops, where ideas for active media education can be exchanged, and where workshops can be stimulated to travel internationally. The project is currently in a stage of development – needless to say we’ll keep you updated regularly through ECFA’s communication.


ECFA is scanning the field for workshops that fit the occasion: short sessions that could amaze professional audiences (educational field workers) and inspire them through the use of innovative insights or methods.

If your organisation is running an interesting media education workshop in a format that fits international dissemination, don’t hesitate to fill out the template and send your draft concept/proposal to ECFA by 5 May 2022.