Available on ECFA website: interviews and research


ECFA collects as much information as possible to make it permanently available on the ECFA website. Recently ECFA Journal interviews and a number of research reports, curated by ECFA’s Academic Committee, have been added to the site.




In order to bring inspiring data and research on children’s film and media to the attention of our colleagues, ECFA has established an Academic Committee that meets on a regular basis to review and curate recent publications. Under the ‘Knowledge Section’ you will find a collection of research reports that were recently provided.

For example, there is REBOOT – Reviving, Boosting, Optimising and Transforming European Film Competitiveness, a research project focusing on empowering European film competitiveness and national policies. The international Film in Hospital project, managed by 6 ECFA members, compiles inspiring results of their research activity in a booklet. Two other projects focus specifically on the Scandinavian market: a book published by Nordicom offers new perspectives on film and television for children and adolescents based on case studies of commissioning strategies, production frameworks, screen stories and media use in Scandinavian countries, while the Danish Kosmorama published a special edition on Danish films for children and youth in the 2000s.



Interviews from the ECFA Journal were uploaded separately on the website and may be used and duplicated freely by ECFA members. For anyone who wants to read more about filmmaking in the French countryside (JUNIORS), disturbing threats for youngsters in Stockholm (BULLETS) or Bulgaria (DYAD) or how to find photogenic gas stations and dinosaur parks in Poland (KIDDO).