ANIMOK waiting for your input

ANIMOK, a Danish animation & gaming festival for children in day-care and schools, is waiting for your input for an International Animation Competition for School Children.



(based on the Open Mic session at the ECFA AGM 2020)


ANIMOK offers free film programmes, film and game workshops, educational material and a national school competition in which children make their own animation films about a given theme. Ditte Lundsgaard Nielsen: “We focus on the creative learning that arises from the interaction between experiencing films/games and children creating films/games together. Now we cherish a new ambition for which we are looking for international input.


ANIMOK wants to combine two ambitions in one project.

  1. Children getting a sense of being a citizen of the world, by…

– Gaining knowledge about other cultures

– Learning about human rights

– Gaining respect for each other, other cultures and different ways of life


  1. Developing a film & media literacy programme in schools, by…

– School staff gaining the latest knowledge and skills regarding film & media literacy

– Offering children a playful and creative approach towards what audio-visual digital media can do

– Children actively encountering animation as an aesthetic form of expression that they can use in their own personal language


THE WAY TO DO IT? Together with you! Ditte Lundsgaard Nielsen: “It could be a lot of fun to launch an international animation school competition. How? We have ideas, but would like to develop them together with other festivals that have a focus on animation.


Festivals with an interest in animation, please contact Ditte Lundsgaard Nielsen: