Animated Learning Lab becomes new ECFA member

Animated Learning Lab (ALL), the educational department at The Animation Workshop/VIA University College in Viborg, Denmark, signed up as a new and dedicated member of ECFA.

ALL’s aim is to provide teachers and educators with film and media teaching tools with ready-made learning methods for different subject-matters and target audiences. ALL hosts workshops, training courses and conferences and takes part in national and international development sessions. Ditte Lundsgaard Nielsen: “Our courses and workshops are implemented as a motivational learning process, giving participants ownership of their own learning and stimulating creativity and innovation. We even have developed a number of teaching materials for specific subject-matters such as mathematics, geography and biology etc.

Every year ALL hosts an international Animated Learning Conference and a festival: the ANIMOK section at the Viborg Animation Festival is aimed at school and kindergarten audiences. Children can get familiar with the art of animation or watch a selection of national and international titles in a local cinema theatre. Others use this opportunity to make their own animated films and participate in a national competition, with professional filmmakers deciding the winners of the Animok awards.

ALL also hosts the national secretariat of “FilmSkabet”. This competence development course combines academic expertise with the practical skills from the audio-visual industry, thus offering plenty of opportunities for consultancy. Animators, graphic storytellers and film consultants etc. share their expertise in hands-on workshops or develop teaching training courses. FilmSkabet gives teachers and educators access to spot-on school workshops, training days, film festivals and conferences, one-to-one consultancy, knowledge centres and updates them with results from film education research activities, opening doors to international collaboration and dissemination.

Contact: Ditte Lundsgaard Nielsen, Project manager Animok ( and the Animated Learning Lab,