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Year of Production 2018

Painting with Rain

English title: Painting with Rain
Original title: Risunki dozhdyom
German title: Painting with Rain *
Russia, 2018

Director: Odegov, Konstantin
Production company: Studio Pressing LTD
Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Length: 94 min.
Film genre: Feature film

The film tells us a story about the horrendous fate of the Siberian boy, who went through difficult life challenges and illnesses that began already in his childhood, and overcome by him, thanks to the love of his grandmother - a persistant Russian woman, faithful to the spirit of Orthodox patience and education. The film is based on real events. This real story strongly conveys the importance of moral education of the younger generation, develops a sense of deep respect for parents, culture, and the history of their ancestors. The film begins with the events of our time, when the main character being already an adult and a self-made famous artist, working on another picture, recalls the story of his childhood. Episodes of distant Soviet past emerge from his memory so bright and clear that he involuntarily connects them with the life in today's Russia. Although the main scene of the film is children's medical sanatorium, it can touch the soul of any "callous" man. And yet the main theme of the film is not compassion but a high morality, deep love for the neighbour, nature and all living things. These qualities help us survive in difficult situations and fight not only for your physical health, but also for your soul. The film is designed for a wider audience, as well as for sophisticated connoisseurs of cinema. This is a fascinating and at the same time highly spiritual, moving film that fosters the desire to fulfill your dreams through moral values, especially among the younger generation.

Zero Plus CFF Tyumen/Rusia 2019

Website: filmfreeway.com/PAINTINGWITHRAIN