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Year of Production 2018

Help, I Shrunk My Parents

English title: Help, I Shrunk My Parents
Original title: Hilfe, ich hab meine Eltern geschrumpft
German title: Hilfe, ich hab meine Eltern geschrumpft
Germany, Austria, 2018

Director: Trageser, Tim
Production company: blue eyes Fiction, Mini Film
Co-producers: Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion, ARRI Media Productions
Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Length: 95 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Felix's school is haunted again, only this time it's not the benevolent spirit of school founder Otto Leonhard and the nuisance he caused, but the hated and long-since dead director Hulda Stingbeard. A coincidence causes the former shrunken and skeletonized school principal to rise again. When she manages to return to real life she almost defeats Otto Leonhard, manages to shrink teacher Schmitt-Gössenwein and Felix's parents, and takes over the school. It takes Felix, Ella and their gang to set the levers in motion to save the school and bring teacher Schmitt-Gössenwein and his parents back to their original size again.

Golden Sparrow Gera/Erfurt 2018 (awarded), Leeds Young Film Festival 2019

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