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Year of Production 2018

For a Happy Life

English title: For a Happy Life
Original title: Pour vivre heureux
German title: For a Happy Life
Belgium, France, Luxembourg, 2018

Director: Glamine, Salima & Linder, Dimitri
Production company: Tarantula
Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Length: 88 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Brussels, 2018. Amel and Mashir, 17 and 22 years old, live a secret love story that brutally, under the weight of family traditions, threatens to collapse. Without breaking the balance of those around them, the two lovers will try to save their relationship.

Luxembourg IFF 2018, Rome IFF 2018, BUFF Malmö 2019 (awarded), Ale Kino! Poznan 2019

Website: www.tarantula.be/film/for-a-happy-life/ 

World sales address/es:
Tarantula (BE)

Sold to:
O'Brother (BE)