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Oscar and the Lady in Pink

Original title: Oscar et la Dame Rose
France, Belgium, Canada, 2009

Director: Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel
Production company: Pan-europeenne , Studiocanal , Oscar films, TF1 films, Cinemaginaire
Co-producers: RTBF (TV Belgium)
Age recommendation: 13 years and up

Oscar, a 10-year-old boy, is staying in the children’s hospital. Neither the doctors nor his parents dare speak the truth about his illness. Only Rose, the grumpy woman who delivers his pizzas, talks straight to him. To take his mind off things, Rose suggests playing a game with Oscar: They make believe that each day from now on counts for 10 years. Through this, she offers him a whole life in the space of a few days. To encourage him to open up, she also suggests that he should write to God. In his letters, Oscar admits to his pain, his worries, and talks of his joys, his first love, the passing of time. A unique friendship grows between Oscar and Rose. Neither of them have any idea just how much this complicity will change their destiny.

Giffoni 2010 (awarded)

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Studiocanal ( F)

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Studiocanal ( F)
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