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Outta Control

Original title: Ihr könnt euch niemals sicher sein
German title: Ihr könnt euch niemals sicher sein
Germany, 2008

Director: Weegmann, Nicole
Production company: Cologne Filmproduktion
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

17-year-old high school student Oliver Rother loses a scrap sheet with his rap lyrics, unnoticed by himself but very much detected by his teachers – they are shocked. Oliver wrote about killing them in a school massacre. The principal informs the police and Oliver is put into a psychiatric clinic, to find out if the boy is insane or not. His parents feel helpless and totally confused; did they ever really know their son? Oliver´s teachers are disconcerted: should they let him stay at school or throw him out? Nobody wants to be responsible, if Oliver should ever carry out a blood bath. But nobody wants to destroy the boy’s future either. Oliver suffers a lot from the distrust of his parents and the loss of his integrity. Katja, a girl he met in the clinic, tries to help him – but the situation seems to escalate…

Munich 2008, Chemnitz 2008 (awarded), BUFF Malmö 2009 (awarded), FIPA Biarritz 2009 (awarded), Adolf-Grimme-Award (German TV-Award) 2009, Zlin 2009, Carrousel Rimouski/CAN 2009, Gaffa Vienna 2009

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