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Ode to Joy

Original title: Ode to Joy
German title: Ode to Joy
Poland, 2005

Director: Kazejak-Dawid, Anna / Komasa, Jan / Migas, Maciej
Production company: Akson Studio
Co-producers: Polish Television, Canal+ Poland
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Three stories about three young people in Poland:

After many months in Great Britain, Aga returns to her hometown. When she gets there she finds a difficult situation: her father is about to lose his job because the coal mine he works for is going on strike and her mother has lost her job at the hair salon. Aga decides to invest the money she made abroad and open her own hair salon.

Michal wins a radio hip-hop contest. He has a girlfriend, Marta. Marta’s father decides to send her to study in London. Michal tries to convince Marta not to go. Marta’s father is displeased by their relationship and tries to humiliate Michal. This and other family complications lead to a serious argument between Michal and Marta. The girl does not want to know Michal anymore...

After graduating from college Wiktor returns home to a small town. He has to live with his parents and gets a job in a fish smokehouse. His friends are Rysiek who’s a drunk and Eryk, a crock. Wiktor cannot live with his parents any longer because his mother wants to rent his room out to tourists. After an argument with his boss who is behind with his salary, Wiktor quits his job at the smokehouse. Eryk suggests going abroad with his friend. No one knows how he got the money, but Eryk wants to cover all the travel expenses...

Ale Kino Poznan 2006

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