Zlin Sheds Spotlight on Czech Films in Production


The Zlin Film Festival (26/5 – 3/6), always welcoming its audience with a programme that leaves few aspects of the film business ignored, now adds yet another point of interest to its professional agenda: a presentation of upcoming Czech films for children & youth, that will include 9 projects:
3 animations e.g. LAIKA, by Aurel Klimt, produced by ZVON studio. Current status: post-production, estimated premiere in November 2017. Following Laika’s example, the first dog in space, a colony of astronaut animals has settled down on a faraway planet. But their harmonious co-existence is in jeopardy when a human cosmonaut runs ashore. www.lajka.eu.
3 feature live actions e.g. THE MAGIC QUILL, by Marek Najbrt, produced by Punk Film. Current status: in production, estimated premiere in November 2018. Little town Sackville has its own sub-office of hell, where devils count a record-breaking amount of sins committed by the local population. www.punkfilm.cz.
3 documentaries e.g. FOLLOWING, by Jiří Sádek, produced by COFilm. Current status: post-production, estimated premiere in September 2017. A film mapping the YouTubers phenomenon, creators of massively consumed internet content independent from budget restrictions and third party stakeholders. But what does it mean to be ‘followed by millions’?

This Work in Progress (approx. 10 min per project), in cooperation with the Czech Film Centre, takes place on Sunday 28th May (10.00 – 13.00) facilitating meetings between filmmakers and professional guests.