Zlin Clapperboards heading for Brussels

Everybody who ever attended the Zlin Film Festival is familiar with the concept: unique works of art created by leading Czech artists on film clapperboards, sold in a public auction. On April 23-24th a collection of 140 such clapperboards will be on display at the European Parliament in Brussels.

I would like to introduce my European colleagues to the interesting way the festival supports young filmmakers through the auction of clapperboards,” says Member of the European Parliament and Zlin native Martina Dlabajová, emphasising the uniqueness of the project.

Brussels will be the only international halt in the Clapperboard Tour 2018 that will take a stop in several Czech cities and finally end on May 27th with an auction during the 58th Zlín Film Festival. The proceeds from this initiative will be donated to support the works of film school students and other fledgling filmmakers. Last year the book ‘Film Clapperboard Salons 1998 – 2017’ was published to commemorate all the 2222 clapperboards that have been created over the years.