Workshop Warehouse (30 June – 2 July)

ECFA’s most extensive project for 2023 is the Workshop Warehouse, a trade fair in which educators will actively participate and inspire each other with creative ideas. The Workshop Warehouse will take place from 30 June – 2 July in Bologna and the contours of the programme are gradually becoming clear.


The 11 projects that were selected are ran by ECFA’s member organisations: Animok, Cineteca di Bologna, Taartrovers, Linfraviolet, Ciclic, Drac Magic, Zurich Filmfestival, JEF, Olympia Film Festival, Play Festival and Koloukino. Moreover, all participants will be welcomed to a session about Cinemini, a signature project for this type of cooperation in which also ECFA partnered.


The Workshop Warehouse will be hosted by the Cineteca di Bologna and coordinated by Cinema Ritrovato’s Educational Department. Preparations are guided by ECFA representatives as part of a steering group and needless to say,  ECFA will keep you posted regularly.