Work in Progress: THE TESLA CASE

Bulgarian director and producer Andrey Hadjivasilev is not only passionate about producing films for children, he also has the ambition to improve the conditions for young audience film funding in his home country. With THE TESLA CASE he currently has a new title in production.


Hadjivasilev, recently signing up as an ECFA member with the Revive Vision film company, belongs to a new generation of directors with a particular dream: the revival of the golden era of Bulgarian children’s cinema. After his young audience film THE CURIE CASE, with THE TESLA CASE (supported by the Bulgarian National Film Centre) he now has a new title currently in post-production.

Tony, an aspiring 12 year old inventor, might have found a solution for the global energy crisis. His electricity device is inspired by the eccentric Nikola Tesla. When – to his disappointment – being sent to a summer camp, Tony invites his friend Raya. Surviving nature won’t be the only hurdle they’ll have to overcome, as a jealous scout leader and a mysterious werewolf are crossing their paths through the forest.


THE TESLA CASE is the second feature in a children’s series. Andrey Hadjivasilev: “The main idea behind the film is to show respect to characters with different interests and dreams, to preserve a positive outlook on science as a distinctive educational storyline, and to encourage humane values, like respect for nature and for people around us.” With an estimated premiere in the autumn of 2022.


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