What we can learn from Europe: A Children’s Film Strategy for Switzerland

A Children’s Film Strategy for Switzerland is an invaluable resource that provides a panoramic view of the children’s film industry in Europe. It equips you with the tools to innovate, adapt and shape your own national strategies, ultimately increasing the quality and impact of children’s films across Europe.

The report is based on a selection and analysis of best practice countries. These include Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic. It provides practical recommendations and concrete measures that can be implemented in the short and medium term. 
Drawing on a wealth of sources, including interviews with international and local experts, the report provides a solid basis for its findings. The appendix contains valuable resources such as a compilation of the 150 best recommended films for young audiences.

This insightful 86-page document published in January 2023 by industry experts in Switzerland is currently available in German and is being translated into French and Italian.

Introduced by Anne Schultka