Top titles in this year’s BUFF edition

BUFF’s (online) festival guests and accredited professionals can expect a selection of brand new top festival films. We walk you through some of the most remarkable titles. Be prepared to meet some spectacular creatures, like a hyperkinetic fairy, talking pine cones, an empathetic gorilla and kids smart enough to build a hot air balloon.


A new animation revelation that will have its world premiere at a festival in its own country. That sounds like the ideal plan for BUFF and THE APE STAR, the new film by Linda Hambäck (GORDON & PADDY). In one of the most anticipated films of this festival season, a gorilla takes care of the little orphan Jonna. The ape has a heart of gold, and the odd duo is having a great time together until a bigwig from the Council comes along who wants to demolish the scrapheap they live on. This funny, moving film (world sales: Attraction Distribution) fits perfectly into the current debate about identity and diversity.


Other brand new top titles include:

– SIHJA, THE REBEL FAIRY: Alfred is in need of a friend, while wood nymph Sihja is in need of someone to teach her about city life. A perfect match! They join forces in a dispute against a polluting factory. Sihja’s super powers can be put to good use – they just have to be used in the right way. Colourful absurdism at the service of a good cause, in a film by Marja Pyykkö (Finland, world sales: Dutch Features).


– MARTIN AND THE MAGICAL FOREST: In his film THE BLUE TIGER, Czech director Petr Oukropec already showed a great concern towards children looking for space to play and celebrate their childhood. Like in the summer camp, where Martin goes. Here he’ll meet a bunch of plant creatures that need his help to stop the construction works, threatening their habitat. A clever film (contact: BFilm) with an environmental theme.


– SPACEBOY (Olivier Pairoux, Belgium): Jim is a gifted boy with a passion for space. Together with his new classmate Emma, he is working on a big scientific project. Jim’s father is completely absorbed in his own space project, but the more obstacles father faces in his work, the more Jim becomes determined to complete … his hot air balloon! (world sales: LevelK)


The complete festival catalogue can be found here.