The future of cinema: Young Horizons’ Industry selection!

26 projects, including 12 films and 14 series from 17 countries, will be presented during the 7th edition of Young Horizons Industry (former Kids Kino Industry) in in-development and work-in-progress pitching sections (4-6 October 2023) on-site in Warsaw and online.


Among the selected projects are films and series addressing different age groups through a wide range of styles and genres, from comedy and drama to science-fiction, fantasy, and even folk horror.


List of the selected projects:

In Development

ALIENATION – live-action film, Filmfabriq (Hungary)

THE ART DETECTIVES – live-action series, Lequerica Films/Les Films de la Boussole (Spain)

BIG BANG PARADE – animated film, Lunanime (Belgium)

BILLY & THE BOINGO BAND – animated series, Big Bad Boo Studios (Canada, Austria)

CRAZY INVENTIONS – animated series, Badi Badi (Poland)

DAMPSGATE – animated series, Snafu Pictures (UK)

DOGGY BRAWL – live-action film, Under Ski Tower (Poland)

ELECTRIC WONDER – live-action film, Helium Film (Czech Republic)

EXIT TALES (Storyhouse)

EXIT TALES – documentary animated series, Storyhouse (Belgium)

FABLED – live-action film, Zik Zak Filmworks (Iceland)

FINDING HOME – documentary animated series,: Animadocs, Iliade Films (Bulgaria, France, USA)

THE GRIMMSONS – animated series, Laniakea Pictures (Poland)

THE HUGGINGTONS – animated series, Klipp og Lim (Norway)

IF POPE KNEW – live-action film, AkbelFilm (Turkey)

JULIAN – documentary film, UNI-SOLO Studio (Poland)

MAMI FATALE AND THE GREAT COOKBOOK – animated film, GS Animation/Grupa Smacznego (Poland)

THE  MARVELLOUS STORY OF AIMAR – live-action film, Ceibita Films (Chile, Costa Rica)

PRINCESS GOLDENHAIR – live-action film, Three Brothers Production (Czech Republic)

PUCIO – animated series, EGoFILM (Poland)

RAINBOW IN HELL – animated film, Animoon (Poland)

SISSI & CAESAR – stop motion animated series, Tres Tercios Producciones Audiovisuales (Chile)

THE UNREAL WORLD OF ALDA – animated series, KYK/kykmyndir (Faroe Islands)

THE WEIGHT OF WATER – live-action film, Beluga Two Films (UK)

YESTERDAY’S GIRL – live-action series, Tailored Films (Ireland)


Work in Progress

MOUSE & CRANE – animated series / games & app, Those Eyes (Denmark)

MY LITTLE HEROES – animated series, Peekaboo Animation (Spain)


Market Presentation  

DIPLODOCUS – animated film, Human (Poland)


Young Horizons Industry (former Kids Kino Industry) is the industry part of the Young Horizons Int’l Film Festival. Each year, around 300 film professionals come to Poland to exchange ideas, share their experience, and develop new content for young audiences.