Key Trends 2022/2023: Extensive report on cinema, television and VoD in Europe

Key Trends 2022/2023 is the European Audiovisual Observatory’s yearly digest of what’s hot in European media: TV, film, and VOD. This new edition outlines again the big picture of the European audiovisual sector.

After the slump due to the coronavirus crisis, film production picked up again in the EU and the UK, increasing by 30% to an estimated total of 1 832 feature films in 2021 (up from 1 412 in 2020) Production levels recovered to differing degrees in most European countries, including France (+77 films), Italy (+58), Poland (+51), Spain (+51), Germany (+21) and Greece (+18). Top 3 European countries for number of fiction films produced in 2021 are: France (221 films), Italy (172 films) and Spain (120 films). Top 3 European countries for number of documentary films produced in 2021 are: Spain (133 films), Italy (121 films) and Switzerland (71 films).

More on film financing, AV market specifics and main players you can read in this in March 2023 published Yearbook.