Taartrovers research into film education for preschoolers

If there is one thing that the Dutch workshop Taartrovers (Cake Robbers) is known for, it is definitely the art of ‘playing’, which grants them a unique place in the European children’s film landscape. Through “Playing with film” they now present a study on how film education for preschoolers can be of added value to the existing school curriculum.


How does film education work? Why do preschoolers playfully need to discover film and how can we encourage this? This was investigated for two years by Taartrovers, in collaboration with pupils and teachers. Now a report has been published that will help you get started and that breathes creativity through all its pores.

Taartrovers: “This report describes our vision on film for young children, and documents our insights through research. For this survey we used a Mobile Film studio. Furthermore we describe several programmes that can serve as a source of inspiration on how to let young children play with film in the classroom”. “Playing with Film” is a practical study, not only serving the general educational landscape, but also schools focusing on special education. Want to read more? Download the report on the Taartrovers website.


Taartrovers organises a film festival and develops programmes with playful installations and film screenings for children aged 2-9 years old.