Swiss call for children’s films

Cultural fund SUISSIMAGE keeps its promise and launches a call for children’s film scripts.


The SUISSIMAGE cultural fund recently launched a children’s film support programme, setting up a grant for authors willing to develop original material for children. SUISSIMAGE: “The films you see in your childhood days will mark your cinematographic taste and joy as a grown up. So it is to be feared that art-house films in Switzerland will hardly have an audience in about twenty years.” Building up a tradition takes time. However, the fund wants to give an impetus with a CHF 200,000 funding for (minimum) two years, hoping that the major funding institutions will understand this necessity and take up the challenge. “In other European countries, public funding agencies and public television have developed special support strategies for contemporary, original materials, of which the results often exceeded expectations. Such an evolution does not take place overnight.


ECFA member Zoomz, who are among Swiss lobbyists for more children’s film production, states: “This initiative of the SUISSIMAGE Cultural Fund will help to draw the Swiss film industry’s attention to a previously neglected film genre. This is great news for anyone who believes that children have the right to their own film culture.

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