SUPA MODA: One out of three Greek ECFA Awards

The Olympia Festival (Pyrgos, Greece) has never been stingy with ECFA Awards. This year, for the first time they handed out three! No European festival is doing better.

From left to right: Margret Albers, Marta Nieto Postiga and Hilde Steenssens

After its nomination in Kristiansand, this was already the second time SUPA MODO (Likarion Wainaina, Kenia / Germany) made it to the ECFA Award shortlist. THE ECFA Short Award, for the first time handed out in Pyrgos, went to THE THEORY OF SUNSET (thumb picture) (Roman Sokolov, Russia), depicting the adventures of a cyclist. In a snowy forest in the middle of the night, he faces but one goal: make sure his new day gets off to a fresh and timely start.

The ECFA Jury were Margret Albers (ECFA President, Germany), Marta Nieto Postiga (Drac Magic, Spain) and Hilde Steenssens (Filem’on, Belgium).


The ECFA Doc Award went to THE LITTLE ONE (Diana Cam Van Nguyen, Czech Republic), an animated documentary about a Vietnamese girl growing up in a European town. As she gets used to what it means to feel both at home and a stranger at the same time, her family heads towards an impactful decision.

From left to right: Felix Vanginderhuysen, Günther Kinstler & Sannette Naeyé

The ECFA Jury were Felix Vanginderhuysen (Belgium), Sannette Naeyé (The Netherlands) and Günther Kinstler (Germany).

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