Screenplay.Detectives at LUCAS

While celebrating the award ceremony of the 46th edition of LUCAS – Int’l Festival for Young Film Lovers – in the DFF Cinema in Frankfurt, there is one thing to keep in mind: “After the festival is before the festival!” Thanks to generous funding, LUCAS will extend its participative workshop programme – brought together under the title ‘Get Involved!’ – beyond the festival period.


One recently conceived workshop is ‘Screenplay.Detectives’ (Drehbuch.Detektiv:innen) promoting the playful engagement of 10+ youngsters with text and film. Scripts awaken the imagination and encourage kids to share thoughts on creative cinematic solutions. How to capture a scene on camera? Which emotions are to be conveyed? Which costumes and locations would suit the text?


The workshop ‘Screenplay.Detectives’ encourages children and young people to discover texts and develop cinematic ideas. Looking at a key scene in a script might reveal empty spaces that can be filled up with creativity. In small units, every group works on a specific craft (such as sound or camera) under the guidance of facilitators. They create their own interpretation of a scene through drawings and handmade or digitally created collages, so-called mood boards. In the final film viewing – paired with a digital discussion with the filmmakers – the Screenplay.Detectives compare similarities and collect background information about the implementation.


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