Schlingel makes you look forward optimistically

The Schlingel team is optimistic about organising the festival’s 2021 edition (9–16 October). “I don’t think things can get worse than it was in 2020, and still we reached out to 13,000 viewers. Since we managed to do it once, we can do it again,” says festival director Michael Harbauer.



Back then we didn’t know what was ahead of us. From today’s point of view it seems even more important that we did manage to present this highlight to our audiences last year. Again, we might not yet know about the exact situation in October 2021, but we are preparing a physical event, that will be complemented with digital content whenever needed.

Video on Demand

German cinemas are still closed, while the need for relevant and meaningful films is growing by the day. Now that kids aren’t able to discover the world physically, they need movies to take them into other countries, other cultures, other people’s lives. Harbauer: “That is why we invented our own platform, to enable them to see children & youth films from around the world. We started Schlingel Kino with a small amount of titles, but are constantly extending our catalogue. Through this platform films with a Schlingel-connection can not only be seen in Saxon cinemas, but everywhere, the whole year round.” For a first impression, take a look at


Schlingel International

Unbelievable but true… Schlingel is travelling again! For the first event under the ‘Schlingel International’ label in 2021, a selection of new German titles was taken to Moscow, in cooperation with the Goethe Institute. “Standing in a cinema again, watching children walk in, was a quite uplifting moment,” Harbauer says. The films are currently touring along several Russian cities.

Schlingel’s Call for Entries is now open, with deadlines on 1 June (short films) and 1 July (features), through