Schlingel: Always innovative + Ehreschlingel for Jo-Anne Blouin

In every edition the Schlingel Int. Film Festival for Children & Young Audience in Chemnitz, Germany, launches new initiatives to meet the needs of their audience.

This year special attention was given to short films (a total of 235 short films were screened). Since last year, short films have their own award ceremony, embedded in the “Long Night of Short Films” programme. And for the first time, the festival had a programme dedicated to short films created by children and teenagers. Films were submitted by young filmmakers and, after online voting, a selection was screened in the category “Made by You”.

Another interesting event was the launch of the “Young Urban Cinema” YoUCi project. This platform reaches across European nations and enables children and teenager films to be introduced, discussed and evaluated in front of a camera by young people. The platform also offers trailers, making-of videos and background information.

Schlingel also hosted a meeting between ECFA representatives and members of the board of CIFEJ. The two biggest networking platforms for the children’s film industry both hoping that this is a first step towards a renewed cooperation in the future. ECFA wants to thank festival director Michael Harbauer for providing this opportunity.


Ehreschlingel for Jo-Anne Blouin

Jo-Anne Blouin receiving the Ehrenschlingel; next to her is festival director Michael Harbauer

For her commitment to the international world of children & youth film, Jo-Anne Blouin received an honorary ‘Ehrenschlingel’ award. As director of the FIFEM festival (Montreal), Jo-Anne Blouin has been invited to numerous festivals and events. As honorary member of ECFA and former Executive Director of CIFEJ, she has always been an inspired ambassador for international exchange. FIFEM and Schlingel share a long lasting collaboration of exchange.