Ruhr rich in documentary festivals

Big changes in the German Ruhr area, cradle of youth documentary festivals! Even if some basic knowledge of local geography and power relations might be required to understand the details, in the end the result is all clear: the world becomes even richer in documentary festivals!


DOXS RUHR has grown big; as a part of the doxs festival this regional dissemination needed more space. Now the time has come for DOXS RUHR to move out, grown from under doxs’s motherly wings and standing on its own feet. From inside its new KoFabrik headquarters, a former ironworks in the city of Bochum, a new generation of young documentary fans will be nourished in nearby places like Bottrop, Essen, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen and Moers in November 2022.


DOX RUHR is committed to fulfilling a long-cherished dream: in collaboration with ECFA and with the support of the Goethe-Institut, they will make Bochum the ultimate meeting point for the European youth documentary scene on 9-10 November 2022 during the REALITIES event. During these two days an exchange of expertise on presenting and communicating documentary works for young audiences will be initiated. How much staging can be expected for/from children? How much imagination should documentary storytelling include? What does digital network communication mean for young protagonists in TV and festival contexts?


Find all info on DOXS RUHR here.